Let's be as children,

Eager to discover things

We already knew.



The poetry, music, and musings on this website are my gift to you,

an invitation to take a timeout 

      from the day-to-day doing,

to step back and reflect 

      on the sacredness of being. 

Explore the videos, music, and writing here.

As the world seems to be accelerating around me,

     I slow down; 

          I listen;

               I notice. 

I am inspired to find meaning in the everyday, 

the meaning that weaves our tapestry of life, 

filled with ideas and memories, 

challenges and joy, 

relationships past and present – 

the moments when lives touch each other.



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I embrace curiosity and inquiry as I explore life, relationships, and myself.  

I write and sing to express and to open space for listeners to connect to their own story through mine. 


I share through performances and conversations, crafting settings to feel, to consider, to discover.


I am inspired by the sky and Earth and all its creatures, conversations with family, friends, and strangers, insights from my studies of English literature at Yale and public health at Harvard, Kundalini yoga, applied neuroscience and complexity theory, and my personal spiritual practices.  


I work with organizations and groups to facilitate conversations that inspire creativity and innovative thinking related to professional and personal growth. 


I aspire to connect with myself, others, and the world around me openly and authentically. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about me recognizing and accepting that the ways in which I relate to myself affect every relationship I have and, in turn, my capacity to learn and grow.



I am a caterpillar growing too big for my skin. 

I feed on the world around me, 

moving slowly and deliberately,

consuming more than I can hold,

molting to make room for my body, 

ever expanding and increasing.


I weave a tapestry around my soul,

burying myself deep inside,


but never shutting down

the essence of who I am.


I am a butterfly who changes the world.

I draw sweet nectar from the flowers of life,

fueling my soul and allowing my divine spirit

to radiate the vibrant colors and patterns of joy.


I pollinate love and light and truth,

scattering the seeds in all directions,

never knowing where they may land 

and what may grow in their presence. 


I am earthy and flighty, 

camouflaged and colorful,

transformed and transforming,


a never-ending transformation of myself.



Pull up a chair

and tell me your story,

a friendship we will christen. 


For your tale and mine

are intertwined

if we take the time to listen.

Thanks! Message sent.

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