Artwise Poetry Roulette Cards spread out on a desk

Artwise Poetry Roulette Cards

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Artwise Poetry Roulette Cards combine images and words to inspire playful reflection. Created by Jennifer Bloom and Sharon Zeugin through joy, sisterhood, and a little bit of magic. Use them for your personal inspiration and contemplation, bring them out at a gathering as a conversation starter, give them as gifts, or discover your own path for using them.


Each of the 52 unique 5.5” x 8.5” card features a different poem and work of art. Printed using eco-friendly materials at Premier Press's 100% wind-powered facility. 

Be curious.
Make a gift.
Get inspired.
Invite delight.
Ask a question.
Make it a party.
Share in a circle.
Let go of the rules.
Surprise somebody.
Connect with friends.
Connect with yourself.

Let your wisdom and heart guide you on a

journey of discovery into the sacredness of being.

About Our Pricing

We understand that money is a relative indicator of value. For some, our suggested retail price will be just right. For others it might be out of reach, or seem like a bargain. Because of this, we are experimenting with offering the Artwise Poetry Roulette Cards at 3 price points. We trust in the kindness and generosity of people. Please choose the option that feels right for you.


Suggested Price: $85+ tax & shipping

Pay-it-forward Price: $125+ tax & shipping​Artwise Magic Price: $45+ tax & shipping

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