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Artwise Poetry Roulette Cards spread out on a desk

Artwise Poetry Roulette Cards

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Artwise Poetry Roulette Cards combine images and words to inspire playful reflection. Created by Jennifer Bloom and Sharon Zeugin through joy, sisterhood, and a little bit of magic. Use them for your personal inspiration and contemplation, bring them out at a gathering as a conversation starter, give them as gifts, or discover your own path for using them.


Each of the 52 unique 5.5” x 8.5” card features a different poem and work of art. Printed using eco-friendly materials at Premier Press's 100% wind-powered facility. 

Be curious.
Make a gift.
Get inspired.
Invite delight.
Ask a question.
Make it a party.
Share in a circle.
Let go of the rules.
Surprise somebody.
Connect with friends.
Connect with yourself.

Let your wisdom and heart guide you on a

journey of discovery into the sacredness of being.

About Our Pricing

We understand that money is a relative indicator of value. For some, our suggested retail price will be just right. For others it might be out of reach, or seem like a bargain. Because of this, we are offering the Artwise Poetry Roulette Cards at three price points. We trust in the kindness and generosity of people. Please choose the option that feels right for you.


Suggested Price: $85+ tax & shipping

Pay-it-forward Price: $125+ tax & shipping​ 

Magic Price: $45+ tax & shipping

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