Artwise Poetry Roulette Cards use images and words to inspire play and reflection. Each card features a poem from Jennifer Bloom's collections, Brainstorms and Within My Illusions, on one side and Sharon Zeugin's mixed-media abstract artwork on the other. These cares were created through sisterhood, joy, and a little bit of magic. Spontaneity and imagination are the name of the game!


We hope that the cards become a spark for your heart as you place and explore.  Use them for your personal inspiration and contemplation, bring them out at a book club meeting or gathering as a conversation started, give them as gifts, or discovery your own path for using them. Art for your table, words for your heart. The come packaged in an attractive tuck box, perfect for storing and made with eco-friendly materials. 



We understand that money is a relative indicator of value. For some, our suggested retail price will be just right. For others it might be out of reach, or seem like a bargain. Because of this, we are experimenting with offering the Artwise Poetry Roulette Cards at 3 price points. We trust in the kindness and generosity of people. Please choose the option that feels appropriate for your circumstance.


1. Suggested Retail Price: $85

When you purchase Artwise Poetry Roulette Cards at the Suggested Retail price, you support the artists, the production, and the logistics of creating and sharing this unique and inspired offering.


2. Pay-It-Forward Price $125:

Pay-It-Forward is a movement that started in 2010 by The World Kindness Movement to create random acts of kindness around the world, starting with one act per day, every day. When you select the Pay-It-Forward price option, you'll be allowing more of the beauty and magic of these cards to live in the world!


3. Magic Price $45:

If the standard price is a barrier but you would love to experience the beauty and magic of these cards, we invite you to purchase Artwise Poetry Roulette Cards at the Magic Price.

Artwise Poetry Roulette Cards

  • Each boxed set includes 52 unique 5.5" x 8.5" cards featuring abstract mixed-media artwork on one side and a poem on the other. Artwise Poetry Roulette Cards were printed at Premier Press’s 100% wind-powered facility using biodegradable materials and inks.