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Don’t mistake my silence for indifference.

I’m trying to make sense of the senseless,

Trying to figure out where my voice fits in

Amidst the cries of rage, of mourning, of intellectual reason,

And demands for #somethingdifferent.

It feels, sometimes, like we are all hanging

By a thread, a fragile cord that wants to connect us

To the earth

To each other

To our Selves

What is the fear that frays these fibers?

Where is the love that will mend it?

Not the superficial love of a pebble

Skimming along the surface of a pond,

Hoping to make it to the other side without drowning.

But the love that penetrates

To ask challenging questions and listen

To answers we may not want to hear.

The love that embraces complexity,

And moves us through fear to reach for an intimacy

That may not feel comfortable at first.

The love that makes us care so much

That we won’t keep silent anymore.


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