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I am inspired by everyone who is doing their part to ensure freedom for all people in all ways. This poem is dedicated to all of you.


I do not know what it feels like

To be trapped in my own skin,

Confined by a structure that doesn’t seem to fit,

Resigned to getting through one more day,

Trying to make the best of it.

I wouldn’t be able to describe the sensation

Of trying to smother a rage

That burns so deeply

It feels like I am waging a war upon myself,

Suffocating flames of a fire

Until what’s left inside

Is only the hopeless smoldering

Of an unfulfilled dream.

I couldn’t tell you what it’s like

To be silenced or shamed,

Bullied or blamed,

Discarded, disregarded,

Ignored, deplored,

Minimized, despised

Just for being


But I can stand at the edge

Of the earth

And the sea

And the sky,

Watching the feathered creatures fly

As the sun takes its evening dive,

And imagine what it feels like

To be free.

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