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Sometimes one of my poems circles back to me. I hear the words streaming through my mind like echoes or ripples through time. Like this one from my book, Brainstorms. It has been resonating with me as the days grows darker and the air more chilled.

The Empty Shelf

I keep an empty shelf

in the cupboard of my soul,

inviting divine secrets,

synchronistic moments,

and serendipitous encounters.

The empty shelf offers space

for the dream I can’t envision,

sparks of inspiration,

a gentle kind of wisdom.

And when that space is filled

I will clear another,

trusting that if I let go

I will allow more treasures to flow

into the new space that I hold.

Ten days ago, I started cleaning out and clearing space in my home. I am working slowly and allowing it to be a gentle process – honoring and respecting who I've been and who I am becoming; letting go of those things that are calling to be released into someone else's keeping (or the recycling/compost bin/fireplace);

and opening to all of the possibilities that are left in their wake.


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