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And then there was quiet.

A distant motor humming, wind blowing, leaves brushing against the concrete.

But quiet.

Free from rush.

Free from chatter.

Free from obligations.



I took this picture on the evening of Thanksgiving in Old Saybrook, CT. Family and friends were all sitting around the dining table, full from the feast, from good company, and from a long day of preparations. I can’t remember who first spotted the moon rising over the river, but we all rushed to the French doors to look outside and watch her as she glanced over the hill on the other side of the riverbank. Silence filled the room as the mood shifted from revelry to awe. What is it about the full moon that inspires such reverence?

Despite the cold (25 degrees and dropping fast), I stepped outside without a coat or gloves. I knew I wouldn’t be able to capture what I was feeling in a digital iPhone snap. Nevertheless, I stayed outside taking pictures and taking in a still moment until the cold threatened to render my fingers numb.

I love spending time with people—sharing stories and laughter, collaborating and conspiring, the beauty in unexpected connections—and I also crave quiet moments where I can reconnect with myself and with a different sort of beauty. Sometimes I forget how easy it can be to step away from the action, and how powerful just a few minutes of quiet can be.


If you are looking for connection and reflection in Austin this month, join me at the Seton Cove for one (or both) of these events:

Tuesday, December 11 @ Noon: Restoring Balance Lunch - Ending Well: Reflecting on 2018.

Friday, December 21 @ 6:30pm: Cove Bells – A Solstice Evening of Stillness and Possibility.

And SAVE THE DATE: January 25, 2019 @ 8:00pm – I will be performing at the Hyde Park Theater as part of FronteraFest.

Ticket information to come in January.

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