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Photo Credit: Laura Berland

The best way to watch the sun rise

is to step away and come back again.

Change happens slowly,


as long as you are staring straight at it.

You might miss the subtle shifts

from peach to pink to flame,

the way the heavy blanket of night

gently draws back,

allowing day to begin.


I’ve got some new projects in the works for 2019, including

  • An audio recording of Brainstorms

  • A second book of poems called The Trail Is Just a Suggestion

  • “Work in Progress” performance storytelling through poetry and song.

  • Poetry readings, performances, and workshops.

If you are in Austin this month, I will be leading a Restoring Balance Luncheon at The Seton Cove on February 26 from 12-1. The theme is Navigating Change. More info can be found at

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