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Gratitude Is Like a Giddy Toddler

She was ready for the question. She knew that the teacher would ask all the kids in class to say what they were thankful for. It was the last dance class before Thanksgiving after all. My daughter waited patiently as the teacher went around the circle. When her turn came, she cleared her throat and stated,

“There are many things I’m thankful for, but one thing that we don’t think about a lot is gravity.

I’m thankful for gravity because without gravity we’d all float away.”

My daughter’s answer challenged me to think about gratitude in a new light, which was fitting because for me this year has been all about doing things differently. And so, as I found myself in London for Thanksgiving, having had high tea with rainbows on the menu instead of turkey and stuffing, I felt gratitude both for the comfort of routine, the nourishment of family, friends, and good food. And I also felt gratitude for the awe and wonder that comes with novelty and change.

I noticed that sometimes gratitude feels like a warm cup of tea, and sometimes it feels more like a giddy toddler.

Gratitude Is Like a Giddy Toddler

Have you ever seen something so beautiful that you almost couldn’t stand it?

Like it was a heroic effort

to contain yourself,

to refrain

from jumping up and down

and shouting like a giddy toddler

who has just tasted ice cream for the first time,

and wants to proclaim to everyone within earshot

how magnificent it is.

The clouds tipped the edge of the horizon, glowing as hot pink flames

where their moisture caught the rays of the sun setting beyond my sight.

Waves of condensation billowed toward me in gentle undulations,

punctuated by jagged peaks and land lakes that formed in openings

where the ground was visible twenty thousand feet below.

The young man in the row ahead of me angled his phone

at the window to take a picture.

And I felt


that I was not the only one who noticed.

p.s. – How do rainbows taste, you might ask? Delightful!


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