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Letting Go

Green Park, London 2019

Letting Go

I started in the garage –

easy enough to clear the space

where five-year-old paint waited

to be taken to waste recovery.

Into the closet, sorting socks

and scarves and shirts,

and finding joy in the growing pile

of items to give away.

Books challenged me

to examine where I’ve been

and where I’m going

and how much weight I want to carry.

I made gifts of long-lost treasures found

in forgotten crannies,

passing along stories with the tokens,

as though curating the artifacts of my life.

A stack of paper gives me pause:

If I release my attachment

to all the things that have wounded me,

then who will I be?

And I think, how courageous the tree

to let go of all its leaves and trust.

Something new will blossom

come spring.

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