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A Wish for 2020

Morning Light

On New Year’s Day, I asked my friends on Facebook and Instragram a question:

What is one word you would use to symbolize a wish you have for 2020?

I composed a poem with the words that people shared. The “wish words” are capitalized. Many people shared the same word, but I used each only once in the poem. I added a few connectors.

I invite you to try reading it aloud, in your own voice, to find what resonates for you.


I rise from Sleep with Hope,

as the Brilliance of morning Light emits Calm—

there are No Storms on the Horizon.

A Childlike Joy fills me with




and Reconnection

with the Intention

of my Authentic Presence.

Limitless Compassion.

Unsinkable Courage.

Gracious Wisdom.

Embodied Empathy.

Delight in the Possibility of Enchantment.

I Groove Forward in Alignment with my Dreams.

Discipline, Patience, Acceptance,

and Gratitude for the Flow of Life

allow the Generosity of Love

to Illuminate the

Connection, Harmony, Reciprocity, and Health,

Included and Embodied in Wholeness.

I Purge that which blocks

Progress, Healing, Peace, and Positivity,

cultivating Mindfulness, Simplicity,

and Ease with myself and others.

What could Bloom in the Fulfillment of this wish

if not Contentment, Kindness, and Love For All?


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