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A Poem about Spring

A Poem about Spring

(from Within My Illusions)

The birds are chattering outside my window again.

A hundred thousand shades of green paint the canyon

against a cloud-gray background.

Signs of life emerging by the minute

And I had been burrowed so deep

I didn’t see the red, red, redbuds budding.

Now their branches are full flower.

Now mountain laurel’s luscious purple blossoms

droop like bunches of grapes and smell as sweet.

Can I savor their fragrance before it becomes ordinary?

Before youth gives way to maturity?

I am not surprised by the first butterfly

that lands in my garden,

but I had forgotten about the bluebonnets.

It was the daisy that reminded me:

Beauty lies dormant beneath

the crusty surface of winter.


I saw my first bluebonnets of the season this week, and they reminded me of this poem. Sometimes spring catches me off guard, and I plead for a few more days (or weeks) of hibernation. This year, I feel an energy and creativity that has been dormant for a while blossoming inside of me. I'm greeting this emergence with gratitude, curiosity, tenderness, and awe at nature's way of regenerating and finding equilibrium.

On this equinox weekend, may we feel glimmers of harmony within ourselves, in relationships, and on the planet.

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