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A Poem about Spring

A Poem about Spring (from Within My Illusions)

The birds are chattering outside my window again.

A hundred thousand shades of green paint the canyon against a cloud-gray background.

Signs of life emerging by the minute And I had been burrowed so deep I didn’t see the red, red, redbuds budding. Now their branches are full flower.

Now mountain laurel’s luscious purple blossoms droop like bunches of grapes and smell as sweet.

Can I savor their fragrance before it becomes ordinary? Before youth gives way to maturity?

I am not surprised by the first butterfly that lands in my garden, but I had forgotten about the bluebonnets.

It was the daisy that reminded me: Beauty lies dormant beneath the surface of winter.


I often imagine that when my kids are grown and my nest is empty, I'd travel to visit all the people I know who live across the country and around the world. I am able to work from anywhere, and I love the idea of hosting poetry readings while getting to know various cities and towns.

This past week, I hosted a pop-up poetry reading and open mic in Ojai, California, while staying with a friend who lives there. It felt a little like pulling a thread from the future into the now. While I'm not in a season of life where I can spend long swaths of time away from home, it hadn't occurred to me before this trip that I didn't have to wait for the whole dream to materialize at once.

I wonder what you're dreaming for yourself? What lies dormant beneath the surface, and is there a small way that you can bring that idea into now?

With love,


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