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(from Brainstorms)

I almost forgot that world was alive

As I lay in bed and looked at the




Outside my picture window.

An old hackberry stands tall.

I can barely see a flutter through its leaves

from inside my sealed container.

I almost forgot the morning music.

Until I stepped outside

to a symphony of sounds

all at once familiar and hard for this city girl to identify.

I recognize the cardinals’ call to come for an early breakfast.

Two hummingbirds flit from tree to tree,

sipping water from their leaves, perhaps.

Is that what hummingbirds do?

A lizard scampers across the railing of my deck

and I hear a voice calling from the oak.

Is the squirrel trying to tell me something?

I close my eyes and listen.

The creek is full today.

I can hear it from my perch

high above the canyon floor.

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