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Each Moment a Snapshot

photo by Jennifer Bloom

Each Moment a Snapshot

(from Within My Illusions)

Light and shadow filter

through the reflections of my memory,

trying to recapture the details

of a little girl’s laugh

from the way she reaches

with outstretched arms

to offer a handful of seashells,

zooming in on a sun-weathered table,

weary lines on the edges

of eyes that long to tell

a story.

If I could still

this life,

distill it down

to one frame,

would I be able to capture

the entirety of my existence?

Slowing down to inhale,

water warms on my wrists and hands,

soap accumulates, caressing

the insides of the crystal vase,

a gift, chipped on one side

of its hexagonal mouth.

My finger lingers there.

I held onto it despite

its imperfection.

Each moment a snapshot,

holding onto time, even as

it blurs around the edges,

even as the forms begin to fade.

You can hear me read "Each Moment a Snapshot", along with music composed by my friend Orlando Villarraga, in this excerpt from the Within My Illusions album. I paired the audio with a photo taken of me sitting on the porch swing at my aunt's house forty years ago. I found it while going through albums at my parents' apartment this past week.


Wishing you moments to savor.

With love,


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