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(from Brainstorms)

There will come a time

when we look back on this day

and remember it as the spark that ignited the flame,

the catalyst that set the ball in motion.

There will come a time

when we will look back on a picture

and remember the smiles without the tears,

the outcome without the angst.

There will come a time

when the swirling storm of turmoil

will be edited out of the frame,

leaving only the rainbow that we formed

from fragments of light.

“If you focus on the past, you’ll miss the future,” my nine-year-old daughter chimed in during our dinnertime conversation. The rest of us paused and wondered aloud where she had gotten this piece of wisdom. Turns out it’s a line spoken by Fairy Godmother in a Disney TV movie called Descendants. As usual, when I want to understand a situation better, it is one of my kids that offers a fresh perspective.

Yesterday, my family drove to a farm about 45 minutes outside of the city. It was the first time I've gone out in nearly two weeks, other than to take walks in my neighborhood. We went to get produce and also some herbs and vegetables to plant at home. On the drive back, I was overwhelmed by the green unfolding around us. I thought about the young plants in the trunk of the car that hopefully will nourish us in a few months.

I said to my kids that one day when their children study global history, they will learn about the pandemic of 2020. In the beautiful world my grandchildren will inhabit, my wish is that they will hear not only stories of crisis and tragedy, but also of renewal, reconnection, and hope.

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