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How to Ask

photo by Jennifer Bloom

How to Ask

(from Within My Illusions)

Snowball knows

how to ask for what she desires.

She jumps onto the sofa,

squirms herself around in circles,

creating as much of a raucous as she can

before finally landing on her back,

paws in the air,

neck lifted to tilt her head

up and back

in my direction.

"Here I am!"

Moments later,

in an elaborate commotion,

she flops herself over like a fish

on dry land.

A new position:

belly up


head turned to the side,

eyes pleading,

“Don’t you see me?"



I will stop what I am doing,

settle in next to her for a snuggle.

Close my eyes.



In the midst of full days and lots of interactions with people, I often find myself responding to external forces that are pulling my attention and forget to tune into myself. Snowball, in clamoring for what she needs, reminds me to pause. When I do, even briefly, I feel a sort of system reset. My breath becomes deeper and fuller, my shoulders settle, and my attention draws inward.

I'm still learning how to ask for what I need and desire, realizing that the first step is to slow down to ask myself. I keep a small notebook on my bedside table. Nightly, I scan through the day that's just passed and make notes of what I'm grateful for. I consider what's coming up the next day and write down something I'm looking forward to and set an intention. Finally, I make a personal request of the universe. I put my hand on my heart, close my eyes, and ask: What would bring more ease, joy, support, or peace?

Even without verbal language, Snowball is unapologetically clear in letting me know what she wants. Her clarity helps me care for her and also reminds me that it's okay to have that same clarity in asking other people for what I need.

For many of us, this week marks the beginning of a season that can be both festive and challenging (sometimes simultaneously). I'm posing these questions to myself each day and invite you to do the same:

What do you desire—today, this week, this season?

What do you need to support yourself in whatever you are amidst?

What would bring you more ease, joy, support, and peace?

How can you ask for what you desire?

Sending my wishes for peace and ease.

With love,


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