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(From Brainstorms)

I wish I would have held you

just a little longer

in the moment

that you needed

a connection.

I wish I would have held you

just a bit tighter

and allowed

my heart

to soften.

Instead I let my ego in,

afraid of your rejection.

When perhaps the truth

is we both need

a loving ear to listen.



Sometimes it's easy to for me to get so mentally mired in the past that I forget I have opportunities to make new and different choices now and in the future. But when I zoom out a bit, linger just at the edge of regret and compassion, I begin to notice patterns in myself like the rings of a tree. I can feel remorse and at the same time offer myself care. I was doing the best that I could at the time. As long as I'm here and in all my imperfection, I will be growing. As I mend the wounds in myself, I notice that how I relate to others and life itself becomes more open.

The person about whom I wrote this poem was no longer in my life when I wrote it. I didn't get the chance to have the sort of closure I would have liked—another regret, another part of the journey.

With love,


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