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(From Brainstorms)

Last night the canyon

was filled with fireflies.

I hadn’t seen them

in almost a year.

I sat and watched their show

as though I was the one

for whom they glowed,

as though I could understand

their story.

Sometimes little things

will pop into my head.

They surprise me every time.

A random slice of conversation

from so many years ago,

the way the pillows

were lined up just so,

the way you looked at me

that morning.

I don’t know

where they come from,

don’t know where they go.

At times I have the urge to

bottle them into jars,

and line them up,

An apothecary

of memories

in my mind.

Or else I want to

steep myself in the feeling,

add them up to make

some sort of meaning,

but the thoughts are

just too fleeting.

So I sit back

and watch them


and fade.

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