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Photo by Jennifer Bloom


(from Brainstorms)

Our lives are woven together

in moments,

chance encounters,

smiles and laughter,

gestures and touches.

Moments so brief,

they seemed like nothing.

But moments add up,

and moments have meaning,

just as each stitch

is an integral part

of the whole.

For even if two threads never cross again,

they will forever be a part

of the same tapestry.

I was thinking about this poem as my kids started online school this week, and how I miss the impromptu encounters with people in the parking lot at drop-off and pickup. I was thinking about this poem when my mom told me about the Zoom funeral she attended, and the added grief of not being in the same physical space as other people. I was thinking about this poem when I called to make an appointment, and the man on the phone asked, “Have you been here since the world fell apart?” He stopped himself and said, “Oh, I shouldn’t have said that. I meant, Do you know about our new safety protocols?” I thanked him for making me laugh.

There are moments when it does feels like the whole world is unraveling, and we're trying to patch it up in the places where the thread has worn thin. I hear some people say that it’s time for humanity to evolve, others that we need to remember the wisdom of our ancient ancestors. What if it’s both? What if, on this great spiral of time, we're at a turning point, a point at which we can gather the lessons of the past to guide us as we weave ourselves into the future? What if, in this tapestry of life, we can design a new pattern that treasures all beings and the planet we call our home? What if that new design starts with this moment, this gesture, the stitch we make right now?

I'm delighted that you are a part of my tapestry and I'm excited to share three online events. The details are below.

With love,


Online Events Navigating the Now Summer Exploration Purpose: What's Your Why? Thursday, August 27 4:00-5:30pm Central Time Free Join me and my colleagues at Emerging Perspectives for an interactive workshop that will give you the opportunity to reflect on what matters to you, your gifts and talents, what brings you joy, and where life is calling you. LEARN MORE AND REGISTER HERE. Poetry Timeout Sunday, September 13 7:00-8:00pm Central Time Pay-as-you-wish Join me on the Sunday before the new moon for an hour-long, online performance as I share stories, poems, and songs. The theme for September is "The Space Between." RSVP HERE. (Can't attend live? The recording will be sent to those who register.) Pandemic Corona Virtual Reading Replay I am thrilled to share the recording of the online reading from Pandemic Corona, sponsored by Bookwoman. This 85-minute video includes 29 poems read by women authors from around the world. WATCH THE REPLAY HERE.

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