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Close up of a succulent

photo & poem by Jennifer Bloom


(from Brainstorms)

Our lives are woven together in moments

of chance encounters,

smiles and laughter,

gestures and touches.

Moments so brief,

they seem like nothing.

But moments add up,

and moments have meaning,

just as each stitch

is an integral part

of the whole.

For even if two threads

never cross again,

they will forever be a part

of the same tapestry.

As the world seems to accelerate around me—I slow down; I listen; I notice. I recognize that my attention is sacred. It draws me into the present and reminds me of the meaning to be found in the everyday. Could it be that the purpose of life is to live it, to weave a tapestry filled with ideas and memories, challenges and joy, relationships past, present and future? The moments when lives touch each other add depth and intricacy, a beautiful complexity.

May we honor and savor each of our magnificently unique threads of existence.

With love,


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