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The Field

The Field

(from Brainstorms)

Someone is planting seeds all around me.

I lie down in the barren field and close my eyes and count to ten.


I close my eyes again and listen.

The airplane flying overhead.

The gentle sway of distant tree limbs moved by the breeze.

The hiss of air as it streams into my nostrils.

My mind is impatient.

It wants to see the results.

It wants to see the first green sprouts emerge on the landscape,

the first physical evidence of the life that is buried within the soil.

I close my eyes and feel.

The warmth on my face.

The dampness of the Earth slowly seeping

through the clothes on my back.

A mosquito on my toe.

A deep peace coursing through my veins.

And through my closed eyes I finally see

That what is emerging will be magnificent.

Listen to me read "The Field" in this video that showcases this beautiful photograph taken by my friend, Phillip Estes.

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