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The Rains Have Passed

photo by Arjun Seth

The Rains Have Passed

(from Brainstorms)

The rains have passed

and we walk out onto the porch

into the cool, crisp air,

the void after the storm.

I shiver slightly

as the moist air hits my bare arms.

Your body is close to mine.

I can feel your warmth

even without us touching,

feel the energy between us,

like two magnets being held

just far enough apart

that an outside force

can keep them separate,

even as they yearn to be together.

The touch of your fingertips,

merging with mine,

brings me back to this moment.

I had started to wander

into the clouds.


This week it rained in Austin, Texas, after months of nothing but sun and heat. I opened the back door and breathed in the feeling of release suspended in the skies. And while there's more rain in the forecast this week, this poem from Brainstorms that I wrote in 2015 has been on my mind. I thought I'd share it in this week's email. Life can sometimes feel like a bit like a series of storms. This poem reminds me to savor the pauses in between, even if for a moment or two.

Wishing you a week of moments to savor.

With love,



Album Release Coming Soon! I'm excited to release my new spoken word poetry album later this month, With music composed by Orlando Villarraga, the album is a soulful, emotional, transformative poetic journey set to a meditative and transcendent soundscape, an enchanting, mystical, and spiritual listening experience – an epic for the ears. Stay tuned for release date and download and streaming information.

Upcoming Event

The Science of Interconnection: Healing Through Practice, Community, and Action I'll be co-facilitating this week-long retreat at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. More information and register here.

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