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The Tide Came in Faster Than I Expected

photo by Jennifer Bloom

The Tide Came in Faster Than I Expected as I tried to navigate the space between the water and the rocks protecting the shoreline. Something primal kicked in and I stretched my arm up to save my phone, still connected to my ears, still drumming a steady beat. Funny how instinct works. I scrambled to the closest perch. Salt burned the inside of my nose, stung my eyes as they blinked down at the sea swirling beneath my feet, where moments before I had stood on solid ground. Too risky to wade around the rocks now. I would have been bound to that place, unsure of my balance, my strength, my agility, trying to map out a path, a trail that would guide me back to where I felt secure. But the spray began to reach my ankles, reminding me that I had no choice but to keep moving.

Poem from Within My Illusions

Where are you finding solid ground these days?

How can you create a little more space within coming and going of life's tides?

Whatever waves you are amidst, I wish you peace, ease, support, and the courage to continue.

With love,


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