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Walking Companion

Photo by Kristen Skoglund

My friend, Kristen, and I have been sharing our love of the moon for almost as long as we’ve known each other. It’s not uncommon for one of us to text the other with a cue to “check out the moon.” For me, catching sight of the moon has become a reminder to take a deep breath and find comfort in the rhythm of this natural cycle. Over the years, Kristen and I have sat together under the night sky, often huddled under blankets, watching with awe as a full moon becomes eclipsed by Earth’s shadow. Kristen captured some beautiful images, which I share in the video below along with my poem, “Walking Companion,” inspired by one of my many “moon walks.” Wherever you are under tonight's full moon, I wish you peace and well-being, and perhaps a moment of awe. xoxo, Jennifer

Walking Companion (from Brainstorms) She surprised me on my walk tonight for she did not show her face until I was heading home. I had resigned myself to gazing at the stars. What was it that compelled me to cross the street at precisely the moment, so that when I turned to look over my left shoulder, I saw her? Having just risen over the treetops she traced the outline of branches barely adorned by blossoms and young leaves. I caught my breath and watched her amber glow rising in a nearly perfect orb, overwhelmed with awe that I was blessed to witness this moment. I stood anchored to the earth, even as my soul seemed to drift slightly out of my body. Heavy and light at the same time. She followed me home, sometimes hiding behind the houses and trees that lined the side of the road. But I took comfort knowing that she was beside me, a faithful companion in the darkness.

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