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Join Jennifer Bloom on a poetic journey of discovery.

Jennifer is thrilled to announce
the release of her second
collection of poetry, entitled
Within My Illusions.

Cover and artwork by Sharon Zeugin

Cover design by Levi Slayer


photo credit Shelly Moon Hayes

The Invitation



Thoughts become shackles,

Imprisoning me within

My own illusions.

Join me on a poetic journey of discovery. Within My Illusions, my new collection of poems, explores questions that arise when making friends with paradox, allowing boundaries to blur, and testing the limits of our habits and beliefs. The poems, taken individually and collectively, tell stories and also question the role that story plays in how we make sense of the world and ourselves.


Let this book of poetry present itself as an invitation. You can read the poems in any order or straight through. You may want to linger on one poem at a time or take in the book all at once. You may choose to read the poems as an observer, a witness to my heart and experience. Or, I invite you to bring your own heart to the conversation. Hold the book in your hands, close your eyes, and in your imagination feel the space of your heart. In the stillness or movement of your imagination, notice what emerges from that heart space—it could be an image, a question, or a thought. Open the book and see where your eyes land. Read that poem out loud, in your own voice to feel its resonance. How does your heart connect with that poem?


You might take a few moments to pause and reflect or even write down some thoughts in a journal. I’m always in awe at the way, when we open to connect, we become mirrors, experiencing ourselves in an expanded way through one another.


I offer these poems as one side of a conversation. I invite you, the reader, to join me.

Jennifer Bloom

Book Reviews

Within My Illusions is a coffer, each poem a gem. With poignant, vivid detail, Bloom invites the reader to explore our habits, our patterns of thought, and our belief systems in a quest for spiritual awakening. Timely and wise, Bloom’s second volume of poetry nourishes in the moment and long after the last page has turned.


author of  Smoke and Glass and  The Crossing

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© 2020 by Jennifer Bloom | All Rights Reserved 

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